Top 10 Business Articles in 2009 – Why We should Read them

While cleaning out the bookmarks and Google Reader “Starred Items”, I thought to make a list of “Top 10” business articles. The articles passed the following criteria –

  • Easy to understand (I am neither MBA, nor PhD)
  • Exciting to read (Why Iceland almost became the first country to go bankrupt)
  • Learned something new (e.g., T.B.D stands for There Be Dragons)

Here goes my list of 10 personal favorites in 2009 –

  1. Michael Lewis On Joe Cassano, the AIG boss, who was intolerant of dissent and lost $45B – The Man who Crashed the World (Vanity Fair)
  2. How the clouds of computing are cumulonimbus – Data Center Overload (New York Times)
  3. How Netflix was saved from being USPS-flix (and why a leader should be willing to kill even successful things) – Netflix Everywhere (Wired)
  4. Why we should stop using loaded words like “ecosystem” and just continue building (lots of!!) small and useful apps – Inside the App Economy (Business Week)
  5. Why Goldman Sachs has kept almost $17B aside for “compensation” this year and other GS stuff you’d always been amazed with – The Bank Job (Bethany Mclean, who broke Enron scandal, on Vanity Fair)
  6. On my favorite technologist Craig Newmark and what challenges universe’s largest apartment hunting business – Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess (Wired)
  7. Ye Olde Valley Lore – Whatever Happened to Silicon Valley Innovation? (Business Week)
  8. The biggest American financial lesson Icelanders took to heart? “the importance of buying as many assets as possible with borrowed money“. Wall Street on the Tundra (by Venerable Michael Lewis, again, on Vanity Fair)
  9. Why risk models always manage to miss catastrophes? RISK Mismanagement (New York Times)
  10. Anyone talking or presenting anything should stick this thing to the wall — The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

Another writing that should have been on a list, except for the fact it took me very slow reading to understand —

The formula that killed Wall Street (Wired)


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