State of Data Last Week – Aug 01

Cool Numbers – Change flows through the free WI-FI, finally!

noRestart? Last Monday, Twitter database took 12 hrs to restart making the whole ecosystem “unusable”.

Papers from R User Conference July 20-23, 2010 are available now. This has a great introduction “High Performance Computing with R”.

Free (legal!) book on Probability and Statistics with R
(note – this is introduction to Statistics and Probability using R; NOTIntroduction to R using Statistics and Probability)

37Signals’ database elevator pitch
– (1) Use Solid State Disks; (2) Delay sharding as long as you can.
New version of the database SQL Anywhere 12 is now publicly available. Developer free edition can be downloaded here.

Business of Data
– Google and CIA co-funding the same data mining startup – Recorded Future.

Next Data Startup idea? Build a common data format for sharing proteomics data. It’s in huge mess today because everyone speaks different “language”.
Data Visualization – 30-minute history. The first pie-chart was published in 1801.

Quote of the week – “3NF is typically a selfless model used by Enterprise data warehouse, which is used by the whole company. Astar schema is a selfish model, used by a department, because it’s already got aggregation in it.” (Forrester)

Cocktail party cheat-sheet –MySQL cannot do hash joins.


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