State of Data Last Week – Aug 08

Cool Numbers – It’s depressing!

Analysis or Dare?
(a) People who swat flies have a thing for US Today?
(b) Believers in Alien abduction are more likely than nonbelievers to drink Pepsi?

(c) People who cut their sandwiches diagonally are more likely to wear RayBan?

(d) Southerners bought more white, green and pink than other regions’ residents?

(e) E.R. care accounts for less than 3% of healthcare spending?
Talking of analysis, offloading Predictive Analysis to Google API – Machine Learning as a Service, all you need to know.

Ben Horowitz on “Taking the mystery out of Scaling a company” – a lot applies to scaling technology as well. e.g., replace “people” with “server” in the snippet –

“when adding people server into the company feels like more work than the work that you can offload to the new employees servers”

Bit of nostalgia for those who’d worked with “large, 12MB databases” (or before) – Oracle 5 Installation Live

NOSQL Patterns – finally!

CouchDB has started losing data or, at least, started admitting it.
“ once the bad code path is triggered, subsequent writes to the database are never committed. This means there is potential data-loss for users of 1.0.0.”

Is there a LAMP framework equivalent for Big Data Processing?

Architecture of the Month – LinkedIn Data Infrastructure

Data Visualization – So you want to watch YouTube flowchart (click on the picture for large version)
Automotive Family Tree – really cool!

Cocktail party cheat-sheet –Even the cheapest SSD (Solid State Disk) is 5-7x faster at TPC than usual drives (for PostGreSQL)


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