State of Data Last Week – July 12

Cool Numbers – On World Cup & July 4 —

  • If the keeper wears a red jersey, only 54 percent of penalties will succeed. It goes up to 69 percent if it’s yellow. If the keeper wears a blue jersey, 72 percent will go in. And the worst thing that the keeper could do is wear a green jersey because then 75 percent of penalty kicks will go in.  Why? Hint: Bull Fighting
  • Best speed for penalty ‘has to be between 56 and 65 miles and hour. If it’s faster than that, then the kicker is going to lose accuracy. If it’s slower than 56 miles an hour, then the goalie has a chance to catch it.’
  • Americans spent over $600M on fireworks the holiday weekend, 2/3rd of it was after backyard fireworks
  • We also spent $2B on cookouts on the weekend, with about $95M on lighter fluid.

Funniest quote on NoSQL movement and a lot of interesting pertinent discussion – (at Boston Big Data Summit) “The NoSQL movement is a lot like the Ron Paul campaign – it consists of people who are dissatisfied with the status quo, whose dissatisfaction has a lot to do with insufficient liberty and/or excessive expenditure, and who otherwise don’t have a whole lot in common with each other.” – Curt Monash

great, technical community for Data Geeks

Excellent primer on MongoDB Performance & Durability with interesting discussions (comments)

How to find out if Google Apps site loads about 6x than your’s or not – Finally a great, intuitive tool to use with both serialized and concurrent loads. You’re your own “Godzilla vs King Kong” at

Architecture of the Month – Salesforce

a) 72K customers, 150K apps, 8 Oracle RAC nodes on Redhat Linux, Lucene Text search servers and SAN disk array.
b) 16 instances; 680K tables / objects; 8 DBAs
c) A flex schema with up to 500 varchar columns; 170M daily transactions

Event of the week – “The State of Database with Tim Ellis” on July 13, in Hacker Dojo, Mountain View.


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