State of Data Last Week – July 6

Cool Numbers – Microsoft by Numbers

  • Microsoft sells 7 copies of Windows every second;
  • Largest 25 US dailies have 16M subscribers
  • Netflix alone has 14M members. Xbox has 23M!!

Hadoop Summit 2010 presentations are now availableMy favorite sessions were –

Good old (R)DBMS still alive– Why Quora chose MySQL as data store rather than the NoSQLs? The elevator pitch is – if your app can run fine with partitioned data (i.e., not having to go to more than 1 shard / partition), it will be fine with just about any data store. I also liked use of Donald Knuth’s “Premature optimization is the root of all evil” there.

OK, enough of dinosaurs! What about Facebook or World’s Largest Hadoop now – 21PB of data in a single HDFS cluster, 12TB/server/32GB RAM. Yahoo loses again with a “meagerly” 12PB!
And Twitter’s? Avi Bryant of Twitter Analytics Team speaks this week about how DabbleDB could improve Twitter ad efficiency.

Here’s a cool benchmark. Even in your “death grip ” iPhone 4 is still faster than 3gs (using FCC Mobile Broadband Test iPhone 4 download speed is almost 2x than 3gs.

Here’s one trivia to impress folks – “SQL IS “Turing Complete” (a fancy way to indicate you can do IF-ELSE and GO TO). If you want to brush it up – SQLZoo is a fantastic FREE resource. Spread it to all the new interns and developers – they will thank you after a year! Also, it is database agnostic.

On Mobile Data API front – it’s either an early Christmas or a very bad hurricane. Oracle joined SQLLite Consortium in late June.
Lastly, how expensive was Amazon’s 3-hr “outage” last week? About $5.25M (they’ve hourly revenue of $1.75M)


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