State of Data Last Week – Aug 15

Cool Numbers – 1 and only 1!

Data is art. Martin Wattenberg’s (Flowing Media) presentation in MIT World (check out the similarity of “How to be” and “How not to be” search; FleshMap)

10 common Hadoop-able problems (from the guy who’d done it first)

Don’t fight, Integrate – Great deployment of noSQL (analytics) and RDBMS (payment) together.

How to solve Netflix recommendation challenge with (a) huge, yet, (b) limited data
Data Portability –
How opening up of data led to progress on Alzheimer’s

How did Weather Data get opened

A new Taxonomy of Social Networking Data (if you already know what’s “Incidental Data”, don’t bother ;-))

Data Visualization – How Florence Nightingale collected data, presented statistical graphics (incl Bar Charts!) and brought in immense improvements in health standards.

Cocktail party cheat-sheetWhat does your Credit Card provider know about you? If you use your credit card at dentist’s, you’re 4x times less likely to miss payments in next year compared to one who uses his card at a drinking place.


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