State of Data Last Week – Aug 22

Cool Numbers

What exactly is “Data Science” and why the future belongs to folks turning data into product.

SaaS vendor Workday’s interesting database architecture – Entirely in-memory; “Workday’s database, if relationally designed, would require “1000s” of tables”

Excellent guide to performance (index strategies) for data developers – time to replace the overused metaphor – “index is more complex than a phone book because it undergoes constant change .. phone book doesn’t provide enough space to write a new entry between to existing ones

Hadoop ecosystem World Map – e.g., hiho and Sqoop for loading RDBMS data into Hadoop.

bashreduce – MapReduce in a bash script. Split your unix command across many machines. Brilliant!

Teradata Product Strategy – intelligently split databases among flash (SSD) and disk

Data Visualization – We all know how visualizing sort algorithms look like, but “What different sort algorithm sounds like” takes a cake. Merge-sort sounds so 80-s 😉

Map of worldwide undersea cables
Cocktail party cheat-sheetMembase is the 500,000 ops-per-second database powering Farmville.


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