State of Data Last Week – Aug 29

Cool NumbersWant your kid to play in Major League some day? Move to a smaller city!

Cary Millsap, Performance Guru, explains in ACM why “99% of the X workflow executions should finish under 100ms” is a better requirement statement than “the average response time should be 200ms”.

CouchDB – The Definitive Guide” book is now available FREE! Chapters on “Eventual Consistency” (with a case study) is recommended (Hadron Collider uses CouchDB)

3 rules of thumb for using Bloom Filter – “..add 1024 elements to 1KB bloom filter, ..with ~2% false positive rates”.

O’Reilly Strata (‘The Business of Data’) Conference Call is now open (Feb 1-3, 2011)

Data VisualizationStock heat map of performance of common stocks traded on Nasdaq (Thanks to Karin!)

What’s the solution to “Data Glut” or information overload? Use your eyes more! David McCandless explains in TedTalk why in the month of April there’s a media surge on reports on violent video games.

Best Science and Health Infographics from New York Times (Social web of Smokers and Measure of a President are cool)

Cocktail party cheat-sheet – “Data is the new oil soil” – the new fertile medium.
Why Trader Joe’s is so different? It stores less than 4000 SKUs compared to 50,000 SKUs stored by typical grocery stores. So, it sells $1,750 worth of items/sq ft (2x of Whole Foods).
Same magnitude earthquakes will kill up to 200x less in a democratic country than in dictatorships.


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