State of the Data Last Week – Sep 19

<Cool Numbers> Not all inches are the same! And, burglars are getting better at Data analysis.

  • (36 inches of Old Navy) MINUS (36 inches of GAP) = 2 inches!
  • Finally, coming to some use! Burglars steal $200,000 mining Facebook data. Simple – they were just monitoring “Going to have a great time away this weekend” updates!
  • Charles Trippy, 26, is the top-most Youtube Celebrity with his “Internet Killed Television” vLog / reality show drawing over 160M views. He endorses Gillette, among other brands.
  • Probability a five-lettered pronounceable domain is available – < 8%

<Data Outage>  Cost of JP Morgan Chase Oracle outage (suspected) caused by EMC hardware – $132M ACH transfers held up; 1000 auto & student loan applications were lost.

<Analysis> Data Analysis Briefbook from CERN — perfect place to quickly check “Markov Chain” or “Bayesian Statistics” in 2 minutes.

Google (2nd time) fires Engineer for unauthorized access to customer data.

Finally! 128GB SSD for your laptop that’s about $2/GB and a monstrous performance.

Want noSQL like heavy-write performance with (transactional) Oracle system? Evaluate ‘batch,nowait’ mode in how committed data is written. Strictly NOT for production – may cause data loss (just like some noSQL would).

<Big Data> Michael Stonebaker, who created more databases than most people have written lines of code, thinks this time (SciDB) he got it right.

How, and why, Google bought an old paper mill in Finland, spent $260M and converted it to a mega data center that still looks like a paper mill from outside.

Facebook creates an awesome utility for Online Schema Change in MySQL. The source code is open!

> Every country is best at something. Costa Rica? Happiness. Cyprus? Kidney Transplants!

<Cocktail party cheat-sheet> Sequel or S-Q-L? 52% thinks it’s the former.


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