State of Data Last Week – Oct 16

<Cool Numbers> When would we rather type than speak to search (> 6 words); Teens would rather SMS and ask their friends!

  • If search query is more than 6 words (PDF), chances are dramatically less we would use “voice search” in Mobile devices, irrespective of keyboard size. Our short term memory can only remember “Magical Number, Seven, Plus or Minus Two”
  • Adult Content, Lifestyles and Health are least voice-searched categories. No one would typically like to broadcast those; unlike “food and drink” searches (most popular category).
  • American teens send or receive 3,339 texts a month (1 SMS every 10 waking minutes). Teen females send 60% more SMS than teen males. They also are talking a lot over wireless – only adults over 55 talk less than teens in Mobile.
  • IMDB (along with BlockBuster; AOL; Domain name registration) turned 25 this year. Interesting numbers from its database – there’re 62% more actors than actresses; Almost 17,000 movie industry people can not be connected to Kevin Bacon (infinite Bacon Number)

Google Price Index” – Daily measure of inflation from web shopping data.

Better than Myers-Briggs? Plug-in any Twitter handle here to see the emotional analysis.

<Inside Intuit> Refer great data people you know to work with us –

  1. Data Warehouse Engineer @ San Diego
  2. Data Engineer @ Menlo Park

Netflix move to Amazon Cloud /SimpleDB mainly for HA is fully documented now. Interesting use cases were solved – e.g., customer’s mobile phone was used as primary key to avoid sequences. All constraints were gotten rid of.


<Big Data> What’s your unit’s PVS (PageView:Server) ratio? Digg has 400K page views per server; StackOverflow 12M.

Some of world’s top SQL / Oracle Tuning experts + 4*1.5 hrs +  Web + $375 = Highly Recommended “Virtual Conference on Oracle Performance” @ Nov 18, 19.

What’s new in MySQL 5.5 Data Replication

> Data for Date – Real-time Guy:Girl ratio in bars and other places. Too many girls check-in in Indie Movie Theaters compared to guys.
<Cocktail party cheat-sheet> Kindle owners are wealthier than iPad owners. They’re more educated too!


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