State of Data Last Week – Oct 30

<Analysis> Here’s one for buy newest Mac ‘netbook’ or gifts for Holidays without raiding the savings account. Get a quick $25K predicting number and type of newspapers / magazines Hearst should place on different newsstands, all data needed is there.

<Architecture> Marrying memcached and noSQL – GigaSpaces now have memcached support.

<Big Data> “noSQL took away relational model and gave nothing back”? Very interesting thread (real developers’ feedback, with some religious war-flames too) launched after ‘noSQL evening in Palo Alto

<DBMS> Things we can learn from StackOverflow’s Data Center Migration & Server upgrade – (a) even if you move up to *much faster* processors, default BIOS settings may yield lower clock-speeds  than before; (b) StackOverflow’s full text query takes about 335ms

<Learning> Palo Alto – How Facebook uses MySQL to serve 0.5B users – Tech Talk on Nov 2 – 7 to 9PM.  Also will stream live!

<Visualization> Experiment of visualizing data using hand and longtime exposure – German population pyramid 1994-2009.




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