State of Data Last Week – Nov 13

<Analysis> To analyze A/B testing the trick is to separate the conversions that would’ve happened anyway. Here’s an intuitive way how to do so.

Google Refine 2.0 – a great BI tool for “Data Wranglers”?


<Big Data> Yet another on Facebook– how they deal with 13M queries per sec. Clue – they derived a distributed replacement for otherwise efficient “Stored Proc”. (Still, 4ms latency for I/O sounds way higher than it should be)

Ever wondered why Oracle had decided to first Aggregate records, and then Merge with other tables for certain queries and do the exact opposite in others? Oracle Optimizer Development team explains the algorithm.

Google Fellow Jeff Dean talks to Stanford EE380 class. “That final feature will drive you over the edge of complexity”.

> What New Yorkers Complain most about during a day. Complaints about Graffiti reaches its peak at 2PM,


  • Here’s one more thing IRS data can expose – Missing Children.
  • Counter-intuitive analysis of the week – Dilbert creator explains why eating breakfast is overrated and how he peaked his creativity eating about 400 calories over 16 hrs. Apparently, optimal time for intelligence relating to hunger is 4 hrs

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