State of Data Last Week – #30

#analysis – Social Data Mining to forecast economic crisis(PDF) – was 2008 really the first ‘financial crisis sparked by Big Data’

#architecture – Machine vs. Human generated Data difference is simple –machine generated data scales linearly with computing power

#big_data –
Billion Prices Project by MIT tracks price fluctuations of >5M items sold by 300 retailers in more than 70 countries

#DBMS – Historical Perspective of ORM and Alternatives (caveat – As he mentions, this person ranks pretty high on ‘orm bad’ Google searches ;-)

#learning – Hans Rosling’s ‘Joy of Stats’ – the whole 59 minutes – is now online.

#outage – 100% Data Recovery with unfortunate exception’ (!) from Dec 31 Hotmail outage

#visualization – Interactive Map of Census data block by block ‘including indicators such as ethnic groups, income, housing, families and education’.

Periodic table of HTML5 Elements



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