State of Data Last Week – #31

#analysis – Easiest way to reach 99.99% availability SLA is to start counting (scheduled) downtimeGoogle just adopted the practice in Google Apps.

#architecture –
NoSQL tapes have videos of lectures on NoSQL from the actual practitioners. At this time, there are over 50 databases listed under ‘NoSQL’ in Wikipedia.

#big_data –
Excellent analysis of Megastores – Data Platform behind Google App Engine – it replicates data to 3 data centers; highly optimizing READ; with no more than 1 WRITE /Entity/Sec advised. This was interesting – “more than 99.9% of your writes are available for queries within a few seconds” – i.e., there will be at least some operations not immediately visible (inconsistent updates) due to CAP theorem. Some (financial) applications may not be suited for this.

Welcome Mumbai – ‘freeware Windows application targeted at Oracle DBAs’. It has popular “snapper” scripts integrated.

#learning – When is it worth to consider ‘column store’ database than traditional ‘row store’. Stonebaker presented 6 criteria – 3 on I/O and 3 on CPU – that make a whole lot sense.

#visualization – In a series of Cartogram, FedEx shows the changing world visually from its data – e.g., Europe becomes almost 3x of USA for ‘High-technology Exports’

  • Spooky, and beware – Is this a valid SQL – “select-1from from dual;with no space between ‘select’ and ‘-1from’? Yes. At least “Oracle does not need whitespace for tokenizing the SQL’.
  • Happy New Year for Operations too – On Jan 1, Twitter set a record of number of tweet per second (TPS) – World, mostly Japan – sent 6,939 TPS wishing friends and family
  • No time left – UPS was right minimizing left-turns for its 88,000 fleet to save fuel. Data shows ‘20% reduction in travel time’ if intra-city left-turns are replaced by right followed by U-turns.
  • California is Italy, Texas is Russia, Oregon is Pakistan. Each state visualized as a country’s economy.


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