State of Data Last Week – #33

#analysis – Daniel Huffman filtered 1.5 million tweets from March and April 2010 and mapped the rate of profanity (12M PDF map) across America

#architecture –
Ron Bodkin founder of ‘Think Big Analytics’ discusses big data architecture. He raises some interesting patterns on analyzing cross-data center large data where fitting most data within RAM is not feasible. Also, ‘Data Scientist kind of guy’ needs to ‘notice anomaly’ rather than be just an expert on ‘statistical abstract reasoning’. Even better – ‘Small and big data are really a continuum’. Small data can use the practices and tools and tremendously benefit as well.

#big_data – launches live with 13,000 data sets, 100M time series, 600M facts including from UN, World Bank, Eurostat, Gapminder etc

#career – How to write a ‘noSQL CV’ 😉

Latest ACM issue ruminates about “System Administration Soft Skills” – all of it applies especially to other ‘backend’ technical jobs as well – DBAs etc.

#learning – Very nice SQL to Pig (Hadoop) reference cheat-sheet

#visualization –
Intuit releases “Small Business By The Numbers” visualization (larger version). Does it really take a day and $109 to open a start-up in New Zealand?





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