Performance Optimization – Ben Franklin Way

‘In 1745, Franklin pondered why ships sailing from America to England have quicker voyages than returning ships. Over next ten years he would gather time differentials from various ships, and reason for variance. Most mentioned a kind of current.

He wrote in 1767 that a voyager may know when it is in the Gulf stream by warmth of the water. He was the first to call this eastward current “Gulf Stream” and had a map printed plotting its course’.

Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

Performance optimization, Benjamin Franklin way thus is  –

  1. Discover and Define the problem well- pit what works “fast” against what goes “slow” (going to England is fast; coming back to U.S. is slow)
  2. Measure for a reasonable length of time – Ben did it for 10 years!
  3. Ask the Ship Captains (end users) – they may provide the clue, e.g., “when I load Chrome and IE together, my Outlook stalls
  4. Document the solution, ideally visually




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