State of Data Last Week – #36

#Inside Intuit – Lots of Data Job openings in Intuit – please refer your Data Contacts to work in one of the “best places to work” in U.S..

Req # Title
70676 Sr. Web Developer
70952 Staff Software Engineer Data
71010 Senior Software Engineer Data Warehousing
71012 Data Architect
71058 Senior Scientist: Analytics
71059 Senior Scientist: Econometrics
71061 Senior Scientist: Data Mining
71115 Data Warehouse Engineer
71150 Data Scientist

#analysis – Watson
, 80 teraflops machine, wins Jeopardy against best of Humans, but also asserted Toronto is a U.S. city. Here’s a fascinating white paper from IBM Lab / Stanford highlighting the journey (PDF) with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

#architecture –
A Data Management Architectural Pattern behind interactive web applications using Hadoop with Membase, serving ‘sub-millisecond latency’.


290,000 people played CityVille in its first 24 hours!

#big_data – Scale-up vs. Scale Out – What happens when you pitch Watson (a very large box) against Google (Cloud Grid) for Jeopardy?

#DBMS – Some old-school, reliable fun to calculate overlapping hours for Labor Transactions – from defining the problem, design tables to write elegant SQLs.

#learning –What I do with data at 37Signals’ – answering ‘why people cancel, how they interact with signup pages etc’ and what tools get used (including HP-12C)

#visualization – Trulia created an interactive map of ‘Rent vs. Buy’ in America’s 50 largest cities with associated Job Growth, Foreclosure and Employment data.





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