State of Data Last Week – #37

#analysis – Why Travel Sites kick tires so much better – ‘biggest advantage for travel sites was “prices vs. the same products offline”: 40% reported than online travel sites offer better prices than do offline locations, vs. 10% for non-travel sites

#architecture –
Death Match! Cloud vs. Hosted SSD —  MySQL Chief Performance Architect concludes put simply, price is in the same order of magnitude, but performance is two to three orders of magnitude different

#big_data –
A really powerful server at 0% load consumes 32% of peak power. Land is <2% of Data Center costs, Mechanical & Electrical are 70-85%. See this Data Center Energy report from Microsoft (PDF) on ‘why the industry is nuts to focus on density’.

#DBMS – Can a ‘UNION’ be converted to ‘FULL OUTER JOIN’? In the cases it could be, see how it would.

#learning – Encyclopedia of Machine Learning’ is now available online / for download, FREE.

#visualization – The UX of Data’ – device independence is just one UX outcome of data in the cloud, at some level the ‘devices’ itself start generating more data leading to a Great Barrier Reef like self-sustaining ecosystem



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