State of Data Last Week -#41

#analysis – Pete Warden launches an amazing “Data Science Toolkit” landing page – collection of most useful open-source tools and data setswrapped in REST/JSON interface” that could be used for, say, “extracting main text from a news story”

#architecture –
Tired of “superficiality” around the NoSQL/ RDBMS decision? Want to read some solid math to see where each benefits from and together can evolve into something way more powerful? ACM publishes what this aggregator feels “Paper of the Year” – “A co-relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks

#big_data – Google UK’s new quarterly online magazine dedicates inaugural issue to data – contributors include Hans Rosling, Hal Varian. We used to be data poor, now the problem is data obesity”

#DBMS – How Yelp uses MySQL and InnoDB engine presentation (PDF) – even though the 102-slide “deep technical” presentation starts with “We are not really MySQL or InnoDB experts”, this is as good as it gets.

#learning – ThinkStats:
An introduction to Probability & Statistics for (Python) Programmers

#visualization –
How visualizes real time download of Firefox 4



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  1. Mohan Arun says:

    I click on “See how many times a URL has been shared on Facebook” and it shows error

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    For some reason WordPress did not like two slashes in the URL — I tried fixing it again. Here’s the original URL, just change the later URL to see for other sites —

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