State of Technology Last Week -#4

#at_other_places –

  • Is it a good bargain? CamelCamelCamel tracks Amazon products price for you
  • NY Times’ Paywall –$40M to build, 4 lines of JavaScript to break?!
  • CodeSchool launches cheesy, but aims to be the hands-on learning center for to learn better programming.

#architecture –
Adrian Cockcroft of Netflix – after Amazon EBS was blamed for a Reddit outage – explains Elastic Block Store and its difference from EC2.

#code –
Speech-to-text transcription on Chrome using HTML5 speech-input API from Google

#design –
‘If I had more time, I would write a shorter letter’ — 40 great examples of minimalist photography

#essay –
Ben Horowitz writes about “Titles and Promotions” in context of Technology people and how Andreessen and Zuckerberg try to fix the ‘problem’ from two orthogonal perspectives

#mobile – A great overview of algorithms to extract text from HTML documents (like, Instapaper, Readability)

#saas –
Ever wondered what tools do new startups use? Here’s a single page repository of the entire collection of tools used for ‘Feedback and FAQ’ to ‘Contractor Management’ to ‘CDNs’.

#social – Influencers – roughly half the tweets consumed are generated by just about 20K elite “producers” – Yahoo research analyzing about 5B tweets shows ‘only about 15% of tweets are received directly from traditional media’ and tweets about video, music and books are longest lived.

#tool – Snappy is Google’s Open Source Compression Library emphasizing speed over volume reduction

#tweaks n’ hacks – Some ‘Popular Security Architectures’ – Street Lamp (e.g., HTTPS), Gilded Cage, Barn Door, Blame the Victim – Marc Stiegler from HP Labs offers metaphorical teaching


#parting_thought –
There are people who actually like programming. I don’t understand why they like programming.’ — Rasmus Lerdorf, Creator of PHP


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