State of Technology Last Week -#5

#at_other_places –

#architecture –
It may be a bit late to know, but Digg came out with its fully blown architecture.

#code –
See Peter Norvig’s “Sudoku Solver” converted from Python to Clojure. Norvig still wins on performance for hardest puzzles.

#design –
MIT Media Lab’s ‘Brilliant New’ Logo has 40,000 permutations – “dynamism is a embryonic concept in identity design nowadays

#essay –
Can Imagination be taught” – Stanford’s latest issue on David Kelly’s

#mobile – Ways Mobile Sites are Different from Desktop Web Sites – with side by side comparison of mainline and mobile sites. e.g., breadcrumbs are rare on Mobile sites, and “horizontal navigation” should be rarer

#social – Only 8% CEOs are active on Twitter and five companies that really “get” social media

#tool – Build a fancy home theater PC yourself – all in $420

#tweaks n’ hacks – Bring out the code-breaker in you for a good cause. Help FBI solve a murder mystery by decrypting code.



#parting_thought – “You could tell three things about Bill Gates pretty quickly. He was really smart. He was really competitive; he wanted to show you how smart he was.”
– Paul Allen in his to be published memoir “Idea Man”



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