State of Data Last Week -#42

#analysis – Interested in sports, and in data too? See “Gut vs. Data – How Coaches Make Decision” (often some major ones in final few seconds!)– a great panel discussion from MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2011.

#architecture –
Great paper from Microsoft tells how Machine Learning helped Kinect (PDF) perfecting ‘body tracking’. Microsoft is apparently using Kinect to also manage data centers.

#big_data – MASSIVE SQL Injection Attack in progress around the web, earlier this week, was “SQL injected” too

#DBMS – A good 1-hr /180 easy slides presentation on “NoSQL: What, Why and When

#learning – A Little MongoDB” (PDF) book is now made available online by the author – Chapter 1 (Basics), 4 (Data Modeling) and 5 (When to Use) apply equally well to most other ‘NoSQL’ technologies

#visualization – Looks even better than – build beautiful word cloud on on patterns never seen before.


  • How much data our cell phone companies collect on us? It may be shocking
  • Benford’s Law for 3rd digit? Why a used car with 39,900 miles on it sells for significantly more than another with 40,050 miles? Behavioral economists analyze millions of used car transactions data and found “left-digit  biasthere are  large and discontinuous drops in sale  prices at 10,000-mile thresholds in odometer mileage, along with smaller drops at 1,000-mile thresholds
  • Digital Data Growth – World’s largest digital picture is 40 GigaPixels, 280GB and a sheer beauty.
  • Ouch! is shutting down after budget cuts


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