State of Data Last Week -#43

#analysis – How I am doing Compared to Other Companies’ (PDF); Cindy Alvarez from KISSMetrics analyzes anonymized data and insights on its customer base at Web 2.0 Expo 2011. e.g., median SaaS subscription conversion was about 2%, highest was 9% during Feb, 2011

#architecture – Data Liberation Front!
Every ecosystem should ideally embrace this in ‘Data Strategy’. Focused effort, itemized list on ‘how to liberate your data from (or to!) any Google Product’.

#big_data – How to use Data to Tweet to engage most customer base, if you are a business, ‘tweet late, email early and don’t forget about Saturday’. Re-tweet sweet-spot is around 4PM. ‘The Science of Timing’ from HubSpot mining hundreds of millions of tweets.

#DBMS – (From our Solid-State analyst friend Wes Brown) Solid-State Storage Deep-Dive (PPT) is by far the most succinct presentation covering different SSD dimensions – Read vs. Write; NOR vs. NAND; SLC vs. MLC. Was recently presented in ‘SQL Saturday’

#learning –
Data Visualization for Web Designers was another good talk at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2011 by the folks behind Oakland Crimespotting.

#visualization –
700 BILLION minutes spent on Facebook a month; 73 items are ordered from Amazon a second; 1.3 ExaBytes of data exchanged by Mobile Internet users – great visual from Good Magazine


  • Why Data is the next big hope for Ashtma sufferers (Economist, Apr 7)
  • Winner of Data 2.0’s ‘Startup Pitch’ was Micello – “Google Maps for Indoors”. It offers indoor maps for malls, stadiums, airports etc. (; Data 2.0)
  • Europe’s Biggest Ever ‘Public Data Challenge’ launched, 20,000 to be won (
  • Again, correlation is not causation. ‘68 percent of people who understand HTML prefer nonfiction, compared with 48 percent of people in general’ – One Correlation a day (


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