State of Technology -#6

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How a ‘rapidly growing site’ – Posterous – optimize cache performance

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What are the best CS books for ‘self-taught’ programmers. Isn’t it amazing to realize one can finish the entire MIT courseware – free, right from home – set yourself a timetable and weekly schedule, just like in UNI (ie. every Saturday plus Tuesday and Thursday nights) and work through

#design –
Design Essentials for Developers” (PPT) was one of the highest rated presentations in the just concluded Web 2.0 Expo in SF

#essay –
How Great Entrepreneurs Think – researchers arrive at ‘effectual reasoning’ – ability to brilliantly improvise without setting concrete goals. In contrast, corporate executives use ‘causal reasoning’ – start from a fixed goal.

#mobile – Mobile Boilerplate is a ‘Best Practice Baseline for your Mobile App’ with “wow factors” like HTML5 offline caching, cross-platform compatibility

#tweaks n’ hacks – A “Binary Low Table” for your living room?


#parting_thought – The new media and technologies by which we amplify and extend ourselves constitute a huge collective surgery carried out on the social body with complete disregard for antiseptics.’ – Marshall McLuhan



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