State of Data – #45

#analysis – Data Analysis in action ‘Yahoo Search Revenue Disaster

#architecture –   Metrics Everywhere’ (entertaining PDF) from Yammer folks – on how to make better decisions using numbers. Ways to measure – Guages (# of cities), Counters (# of open connections), Meters (# of req/sec), Histograms (# of cities returned – percentile), Timers (# of ms to respond); and Vitter’s Algorithm.

#big_data – IEEE VAST 2011 challenge – three mini-challenges on Epidemic Spread, Cybersecurity, Text Analytics aggregating up to a ‘Grand Challenge’ that combines all data sets.

#DBMS – Here’s a pretty good noSQL “book” or compendium (PDF) from folks in Stuttgart University, Germany – from Basic Concepts to detailed comparison between MongoDB / CouchDB / Dynamo / Cassandra etc

#learning –  Split-Apply-Combine’ strategy for Data Analysis (PDF) ‘where you break up a big problem into manageable pieces, operate on each piece independently and then put all the pieces back together’. [Journal of Statistical Software] 

#visualization –
How Switzerland Federal Statistics Office changed the game in Census – ‘only a small population is now surveyed by phone or in person’



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