State of Technology – #7

#at_other_places –

#architecture – 
What exactly is “thread” in CPU – Ars answers well

#code – 
If you’re interested in application performance, this is a must read – Dynatrace folks explain the White Box Testing Best Practices for Regression and Scalability Analysis

#design – 
Better than books, or even schools – “Design for Startups” is a 24-year old’s evolving awareness recording on design. Great, great resource.

#essay – 
This time it is not just a big article, but 50 fascinating things someone at read recently. E.g., “Groupon saw its revenue surge to $760 million last year from $33 million the previous year.

#saas – It’s always worth asking this question, we are never more than 1 release away from gnarly problems – ‘What we did wrong’ – NPR on its API architecture

#social – Why the password ‘this is fun’ is far more secure than a six mixed-characters with a special char

#tool – Some really clever CSS tools and techniques, personal favorite is CSS3 Keyboard.

#tweaks n’ hacks – 
Too busy to get out of Unix? We now have “Google Shell


#parting_thought – We all knew it! Surprised about a bad review (or, decision)? Just try it after the reviewer had lunch.

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