State of Data -#47

#analysis – Do beautiful parents really have more daughters? ‘Statistical Challenges in estimating small effects’ (From Andrew Gelman’s talk)

#architecture –  
Data Mining Certificate” from Stanford Center for Professional Development

#big_data –
Why an outage could literally kill – Cardiac patients were at risk because Amazon Cloud was down

Former CEO of mySQL who left with concerns now saysCode ‘in better shape than ever’ under Oracle

#learning –
How to send HTML reports straight from SQL*Plus (Oracle only)

#visualization –Learn how to use “sparklines” (small diagrams inserted into a text, e.g., tweets).e.g., CPU utilization in our servers today for peak 5-hrs was ▁▂▂▇▂ (18 23 24 43 24)

Is this really the “worst statistical graphic” ever?



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