State of Data – #52

#analysis – McKinsey publishes a much-talked about BigData report (PDF). It projects “140,000-190,000 more deep technical talent positions” and 1.5 Million “more data savvy managers”. Tech bubble, anyone?

#architecture – Brilliant Machine Learning Demos (verified the install works at least on XP)

#big_data – This editor’s favorite rant – many mean median when they say mean.

#contestDataVis contest from David McCandless


#DBMS – We get this question a lot. Kurt Monash cogently analyzes ‘When it’s still best to use a relational DBMS

#learning – Lately, ACM has been publishing some fantastic articles on data. The latest issue has ‘How do large-scale sites remain SQL-based’.

#visualization – Insight into the man and his ideas — Edward Tufte, The Information Sage. Why he thinks Minard Map is the best statistical graphic ever made?

Tufte pointed to the far left of the map, where the tan and black lines intersect. “And it is there,” he said, “at the beginning and at the end of the campaign, where we have a small but poignant example of the first grand principle of analytical design”: above all else, always show comparisons.



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