State of Technology -#12

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  • June 8 was World IPv6 day. IPv6 “ultimately replace the current IPv4 addressing system, which has nearly run out of addresses for networks to assign to computers and other devices
  • Everything you always wanted to know about – The Hidden Empire. Fascinating presentation.

     “In 2000, Jeff Bezos discovered it took 15 minutes to pack a best-selling $25 chair, which obliterated the margin. He then negotiated with the manufacturer, who agreed to send it pre-packaged for $0.25


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The Architecture of Open Source Applications – New Book made freely available 


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Great Analysis of stolen Sony Passwords – how many people actually use upper case etc.


 #design – 
WebP is 40% faster than JPEG. Could you tell the difference in quality?


 #essay – “How I Failed, Failed, Failed and Finally Succeeded at Learning How to Code”




#mobile – 10 Tips for Android UI Design




 #saas – 
How page load time affects your bottomline, especially on mobile

#social – Bitcoin seems to be the rage this past few weeks. Here’s a relatively unknown, but good analysis of Bitcoin


#tool –  MicroJs – “Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit”




#tweaks n’ hacks –  Missed it? Everything Steve Jobs said in WWDC in 60 sec








#parting_thought –“Privacy regimes should follow the insider-trading model. It’s not possession of secret information that is criminalised, but misuse of that information to take advantage of others” –  Tim O’Reilly, on Facebook 



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