State of Data -#53

#analysis – What are the most common iPhone passcodes? Yes, 1234 still leads!

#architecture –  SQL Injection? More like topical rub – How CITI Account information was stolen — “if the URL was something like, all you had to do was change it to and you had access to all of their account information

 #big_data – Biggest players in Web 2.0 Data layer

Invasion of Body Hackers – how many are using data about the ‘quantified self’ to change biology, or even the consciousness


#book – Principles of Uncertainty’ – from Monty Hall to St. Petersburg Paradox (legal; PDF)

#DBMS – Strong Opinion – “ORM is an anti-pattern” – ‘another problem of ORM: inefficiency. When you fetch an object, which of its properties (columns in the table) do you need? ORM can’t know, so it gets all of them


#learning – Percona 2011 slides are now available – recommended ones are ‘Optimizing mySQL for Solid State’, ‘Business Intelligence for Big Data’, ‘TCP Performance’, and ‘NoSQL + MySQL


#visualization – Great Data Portal from African Development Bank gives access to Country Dashboards and interactive (and fast!) data queries




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