State of Technology #14


·     Tired of the friend who interrupts often in an otherwise civilized conversation? There’s an app for that – Talk-o-Meter.

·     Want to join the ‘Quantified Self’ gang? There’s a new shoe for that. It live analyzes gait and uploads it for post analysis.

·     Everyone is talking about Lytro – the new revolution in photography. Read an analysis from Ben Horowitz, investor who usually is (a) right and (b) makes huge money on technology bets.

#architecture –   Do cores or threads provide the “true CPU power” in your system? Yes, there’s a real difference.

If cores are what is providing the true CPU power, .., when a process completes, a core becomes available and the next process begins. This perfect elapsed time sequencing assumes the OS makes no optimizations. If threads are what is providing the true CPU power, ..when a processing thread completes a thread becomes available and the next process thread begins. Again, this perfect elapsed time sequencing assumes the OS makes no optimizations        

#codeHighlights from Google IO – from HA to Performance to Full Text Search

#design36 BRILLIANTSunrise photographs.


#essayA visual (animated) essay this time – The Internet in Society

Highlights from Velocity 2011 – Slides available now. Notables –

1. What makes client side slower

2. iOS vs. Android vs. Blackberry – Bakeoff

3. Next Gen YSlow

#social – There’s a game for that app. How/why gamification could help anything – “Games are the only force in the known
universe that can get people to take actions against their self-interest
“ – a brilliant, detailed presentation.

#tweaks n’ hacks –  Someone finally is close to cracking Zodiac cipher or just another tall claim?


#parting_thought –
It was my experience that people approached an online purchase of six dollars with the same deliberation and thoughtfulness they might bring to bear when buying a new car. Prospective users would hand-wring for weeks on Twitter and send us closely-worded, punctilious lists of questions before creating an account

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