State of Data #55

#analysis – ‘Web Analytics Career Guide – From Zero to Hero in Five Steps’. “I’ve said repeatedly that if I look into the next xx number of years Analyst is essentially a recession-proof job”. 


#architecture – Safari now has the complete video tutorial of ‘An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data’ from Hilary Mason, Data Scientist for Running for about 3 hrs in four key areas, highly recommended.  


#big_data – Continual fall of cost of Cloud Computing – announcement from Amazon Web Services on 06/29 made “Data Transfer In” FREE, with massive reduction in “Data Transfer Out” rates

 #DBMS – Ever wondered how complicated a simple two-table joins could indeed be? Jonathan Lewis, one of the best scientific thinkers out there, recently presented on that topic at Turkish Oracle User Group – the video of the session runs for 55 minutes. 

#learning – James Hamilton’s keynote in SIGMOD mid-June is a absolute must visit to understand where relational models failed. Video (Choose June 14, Then James as speaker), Presentation link.

Key takeaways –

  • ‘mid-90s through to around 2005, the database world went through dark ages’
  • ‘The pace of innovation was glacial  – “polishing the round ball”’
  • ‘plunging cost of computing is fueling database size growth at a super-Moore pace’
  • disk is tape, flash is disk, ram locality is king’, ‘crossed storage chasm’


#visualization – A good play on visualizing statistical open data — ‘Peoplemovin is an experimental project in data visualization by Carlo Zapponi. The main purpose of this project is to create a flow chart visualization framework based on HTML5 technologies’


  • Museum of Me – Visualize your life, friends and consciousness with helps from cool robotic arms. Good interplay of Social Data, 3D visualization from Intel. Perhaps subtly narcissistic.
  • At a rate of 20% YOY growth when does the data quadruples? 7 years.  – The math behind the rule of 72 is easy to extend to triplings (rule of 110), quadrupling (rule of 140), quintupling (rule of 160)’
  • von Neumann’s Elephant can indeed be drawn with four parameters if they are complex numbers – with the sample Python code. Brilliant!
  • SQL to JFK – San Carlos Airport, next to Larry Ellison’s pod has IATA code ‘SQL

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