State of Technology #15

 #at_other_places –

#architecture – 
A great tutorial on JVM heap analysis, GC and tuning it (isn’t Prezi cooler than powerpoint?)

#code – 
appdone claims to build “any web app in 7 days” or money back!

#design – 
Raising the barcode – some of the most innovative bar code designs

#mobile – Why mobile apps behave bad when you’re Mobile and what you could do as a mobile developer? It’s all because of TCP-over-TCP – “On our mobile link, with an underlying reliable data connection but with highly variable delay, there is little/no loss and no congestion, but of course TCP doesn’t know that and backs off making the connection our apps see next-to-useless” 

#social – How to manage crowdsourced human computation – when Alan Turing mentioned computers, he mostly meant humans; and how Amazon Mechanical Turk could classify Arabic into different dialects


#tool –  Area startup turning windows into solar panels

#tweaks n’ hacks –  Run Android on your PC




#parting_thought – “The most popular software for writing fiction isn’t Word. It’s Excel.”

– Brian Alvey, the New Shelton wet/dry



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