State of Technology #16

#at_other_places –

  • Time flies – Apple sold 15 Billionth App – developers make $2.5B, Apple pockets $1B. 1 Billionth app sold just seems to have happened yesterday!
  • Augmented Reality for Mindreading in (paper) Comic Book – Berg printed this awesome comic with a third ink that is only visible with a UV light source

#architecture –  node.js is “in thing” – this is probably the best introduction to node.js in O’Reilly this week.
“Node.js (or, as it’s more briefly called by many, simply “Node”) is a server-side solution for JavaScript, and in particular, for receiving and responding to HTTP requests

Node brings a different approach to the party: it seeks to move you and your web applications to an evented model, or if you like, a “small event” model. In other words, instead of sending a few requests with lots of data, you should be sending tons of requests, on lots of events, with tiny bits of data, or requests that need a response with only a tiny bit of data’

#code – 2011’s Razzies for Software were out last week – “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors” of the year. Ouch! Top 3 –

  1. SQL Injection
  2. OS Injection
  3. Buffer Overflow

#design – 
About 200 new fonts for your new app – new WebFonts from Google 

#essay – Inside Google+’ from Wired – Steven Levy got the privilege to work with the team as they developed the social tool. His new book ‘In the Plex’ is a mesmerizing read detailing on Google People, Products and Processes. Very highly recommended summer read.

‘The massive wave symbolizes the ways Google views the increasingly prominent social aspect of the web — as a possible tsunami poised to engulf it, or a maverick surge that it will ride to glory. Beirstadt’s turbulent vision is the perfect illustration. “We needed a code name that captured the fact that either there was a great opportunity to sail to new horizons and new things, or that we were going to drown by this wave,” Gundotra said last August, when Google first showed me a prototype


#mobile – 
Designing for Android’ – Smashing Magazine must-read resource


#saas – 
‘How we made Hotmail 10x faster’ (No! Not from losing users therefore reducing load!). THREE main ideas resulting a phenomenal gain of 22x in ‘Composing Message’

1.     Caching

              2.     Pre-loading

              3.     Asynchronous Operations


#social – Pope tweets for the first time


#tool – Button Basics – how to design buttons with CSS vs. images; how different browsers render it differently – excellent primer.


#tweaks n’ hacks – DIY DNA – Want to play with your own DNA? Decipher the genome code? PCR machine now sells for less than a iPad (BTW, the genome data in a human gamete is roughly about 37MB)



#parting_thought – ‘You’ve found market price when buyers complain but still pay’ – Paul Graham



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