State of Technology #18



#architecture – How would you design your service API to serve 3 end-points – Chrome, iPad and Android? How about 100? This is how Netflix re-designed its API with billions of API requests ending in more than 100 devices



#code – What is your Favorite (or, most hated) Programming Mistake?

#designWhat happens inside Google’s User Experience Lab? Would you remember the following better because of the font?

“A while back, there was this report that came out – from Princeton University, I think—that said using Comic Sans will make your material easier to remember. The harder your typeface is to read, the better the chance that people will remember what you wrote.”

#essay – You Are the Ad’ – how a social network could turn its members into “ads”, from Technology Review



#mobileWant to check how your website looks on a particular Android device, iPad2 or across different devices? Screenfly now lets you do it from browser. #ReallyUseful



#saasIn some cities, on some nights, more people now rent from homeowners using AirBnB than use Hotels. What’s the worst that could happen when the rental algorithm follows Ebay’s “exchange human data as late as possible”

#social – Games as a Service – 10 Game Design Lessons



#tweaks n’ hacks –  History of @ Symbol Part 1; Part 2.5 of 2



#parting_thought“The three golden rules to ensure computer security are: do not own a computer; do not power it on; and do not use it.” –Robert Morris







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