State of Technology #19

 #at_other_places – 

  • New CDN service from Google
  • Java 7 ships. Caveat – a very serious bug has already been discovered.
  • If Tim Berners-Lee had patented the World Wide Web, we’d be able to use it freely starting today. Web turns 20.
  • On Monday, Adobe announced Edge – for developing interactive content and animations using the open Web standard HTML5. Interesting competition with Flash

#architecture – Architecture of Peecho – “If You Are Slow, you Can’t Grow”

#code – Is this the most expensive one-byte mistake?

the C/Unix/Posix use of NUL-terminated text strings. The choice was really simple: Should the C language represent strings as an address + lengthtuple or just as the address with a magic character (NUL) marking the end? “

#design – Why users fill out forms faster with Unified Text Fields? Insight – do not let their eyes move across, keep a smooth flow

#essay – How Bob Dylan influenced Mac design – from Andy Hertzfeld of Google+

#mobile – 
IEEE announced new wireless standard 802.22 that can cover up to 12K miles Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN) 

#saas – Why Firefox handily beats Chrome if you have multiple tabs open

#social – Mobile Payments are in a mess 


#tool – Automatically mute background tabs – should practically be default behavior for every browser.


#tweaks n’ hacks – Tom’s Hardware proved that “data is not plural for anecdote” – very counter-intuitive – as leading edge stuff often is. We may even decide to choose SSD – even if not for speed, but as it “fails less”. 



#parting_thought – “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t”
– Thomas Edison on effort


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