State of Data #64

#analysisIt’s official – #1 reason (68%) customers leave a company because they believe the ‘company does not care about them’ – a study by Rockefeller Corporation suggests.

The man with the Golden Crystal Ball – ‘In May 2010 he predicted that Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, would fall from power within a year. Nine months later Mr Mubarak fled Cairo amid massive street protests.

#architectureWhat language is ‘R’ written in? Mostly C; rest FORTRAN and R.

#big_dataData Wrangling for fun and profit’ is a growing ‘collection of tips and tricks for data work’.


Remember, the website is the API.

 – “Scaling up Machine Learning, The Tutorial” – Ron Bekkerman, Sr Research Scientist, Linkedin – presents in KDD 2011

#DBMSAnother good NCOUG presentation (Aug 18; PDF) on ‘Data Masking – How to address Development and QA teams’ 7 most common data masking related reactions and concerns’

#idea “Swimming in Data” – This USB-powered underwater sensor (e.g., aquarium) will detect temperature, pH and Ammonia levels and send alert to smart-phone.

#learningAwk is often very effective to manage data quality, especially with semi-structured (e.g., log) data. Following up on his highly popular blog series, Peteris Krumins releases ‘Famous Awk One-Liners Explained’ as a book ($5.95). Example –

Find the line containing the largest (numeric) first field.

awk '$1 > max { max=$1; maxline=$0 }; END { print max, maxline }'

#visualizationVisualizing Jane Austen’s leading character appearances in her novels 




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