State of Data #66

#analysisHow Data-driven design decisions will power improvements in Windows Explorer

#architectureHadoop, Big Data and Enterprise Data Warehouse – A Quick State of Technology Orientation


 #big_data – A) How to process a million songs in 20 minutesB) Petasort under 33 minutes    — using MapReduce


 #Data_Science –   Google published amazing “Green Dashboard” to measure environmental impact of things like watching 30 minutes video in YouTube 

#DBMSDatabase architecture of, and – Oracle databases doing 550M transactions/day


#idea How CFOs feel about ‘Big Data’ — “With Big Data,” Tieman says, “you may be spot-on about a problem, but the solution doesn’t magically appear out of the data.”   
#learning – “Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics” is now available in Safari


#visualizationHow to find epicenter of an earthquake from Tweets  “shows tweets spreading across the country in the 80 seconds immediately after the earthquake hit; the rate of twitter activity is color-coded from red (most intense) to blue (middling intense) to green (least intense)”  (Note: opens slow, but worth it)




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