State of Technology #26

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#architecture – 
What is web but a giant IfThisThenThat workflow engine? Scott Hanselman explains.

#code – 
Super-fast tutorial on REST

#design – Must Read – Smashing Magazine publishes free design eBook on its fifth anniversary. 

#essay – Steven Levy writes a long piece on Facebook’s strategy – Facebook is a timeline annotated autobiography of a user.

….will gather and organize the massive amount of data generated by the apps you use to tell your story, minute by minute, day by day, year by years

#mobile – Especially targeted for Mobile – Stanford’s full course on Human-Computer Interaction Design; Series of 43 Video Sessions 

#saas – 37Signals homepage evolution – Time Lapse

#social – Less than 5% users ever change default settings

#tool – BuckyBalls are now BuckyCubes


#tweaks n’ hacks – Behind Intel’s new hardware based Random number generator


  • Moore’s Law or Koomey’s Lawenergy efficiency of computing doubles every 1.5 years”


#parting_thought – “There’s nobody to blame but everybody” – David Ortiz (Red Sox)




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