State of Data #69

#analysisWhich telecoms store your mobile data the longest?

#architectureNew Hadoop-based Canonical Data Ecosystem in a nutshell –

top level for focused on analytics, while companies such as Cloudera, EMC Greenplum and MapR operate on the lower level with their Hadoop distributions that focus on cluster management and performance

#big_dataOracle on NoSQL ‘hype’ (PDF)

#conference(Good, Inexpensive, Local)  5th XLDB Conference & Workshop; Oct 18-20, SLAC, Menlo Park
XLDB stands for eXtremely Large DataBases. The lead organizer, Jacek Becla, seems to have started XLDB because he has 100 petabytes of astronomical data to plan for”  (Hat tip: Curt Monash)

Moneyball 2? Great analysis of Basketball shooting strategies – The problem of shot selection in basketball: “The shooter’s sequence” (PDF)

“Inspired by these recent discussions, in this paper I construct a simple model of the “shoot or pass up the shot” decision and solve for the optimal probability of shooting at each shot opportunity”

First issue of PostGreSQL Magazine is now out


#idea Is your Social Network bigger than number of folks who worked in Bletchley park? How does it compare with number of people saved from Titanic? Window shopping for numbers in

Memo from Instagram co-founder on how they handle sharding and unique ID’s, using Django and PostgreSQL.  They store 25 photos every second. (Hat tip: Vik Patil)


#visualizationBig Data Opportunities across industry segments






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