State of Data #70

#analysis – Gamers’ Search Pattern

#architecture – Google offers MySQL on Cloud

#big_data – Hotmail deployed SSD (Solid State Disk) to manage frequently-accessed metadata (read/unread status etc) of 1 petabyte of emails a week.
“One technology that is promising in this area is Flash Storage (also called SSD, or Solid State Drive). SSDs use technology similar to what you’d find on an SD card or USB stick, but with a faster internal chipset and a much longer lifespan. A normal hard drive can perform a little more than one hundred read/write operations per second, whereas some of the fastest SSDs can do over one hundred thousand operations per second. 

#conference – 
All Oracle Open World / Java One 2011 sessions are online now 

#Data_Science –   
Benford’s Law and Recreasing Reliability of Accounting Data

 – a) good, impartial overview of Oracle noSQL database (with dev team members commenting on bottom)

b) technical white paper from the vendor (PDF)

Like many NoSQL databases, the Oracle NoSQL Database is configurable to be either C/P or A/P in CAP.
Unlike Dynamo, SimpleDB, Cassandra, or Riak, the Oracle NoSQL Database does not support eventual consistency.
Like most NoSQL systems, the Oracle NoSQL database does not support joins


#idea – Monkeys free your data from Major Social Networks and sends a JSON dump to your email box

#learning – 
For people who present data to others to influence, this 2-minute video can change your outlook. See how just a simple change in color moves brain to process in 250 ms cycles, rather than in 10 sec cycles.





#visualization – World’s Most Expensive Cities’ Real Estate Data Visualized and compared to US





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