State of Technology #30


·         Opera congratulates Amazon on ‘finally catching up’ with Cloud-based browser

·         How Apple Ads are different from others – they don’t show blank screens even on Computer devices’ photos; and why they chose iPhone 4s screen to be 3.5” (hint: think of your thumb)

#architectureLearning from (others’) mistakes — How Etsy overcame poor Architectural choices 

Why taking time out from regular programming activities, like 10% side-project, is important – co-founder of O’Reilley publishing walks through. “Anything that is dismissed on the grounds of the technology-not-being-good- enough-yet is going to happen” —Ben Hammersley

#designGreat index card set for bringing psychology to Web Design; first seven cards are free

#essayThe Great Eight: Trillion-dollar Growth Trends to 2020 – Bain looks at the evolving Macro-trends. Here’s an immediate insight – The next billion consumers are not “another billion.”

#mobilePractically all Design Patterns for iPad and iPhones – Bar, Button, Carousel, Chat, Curl to good old Tables

#saasSecure Coding Guidelines for Web Applications from Mozilla #recommend

#social – Very insightful Lecture Summary (quoted in #code section above) to a group of CyberSecurity practitioners –

We assume that every meal we eat, every hotel bed we sleep in, every piece of culture we consume, is something we can have an opinion on, and have it be given the same importance as an opinion from anyone else. There are rating sites online for you to rate just about anything, legal or not, and the sheer weight of amateur reviews outdoes the professionals for authority most of the time. 


#toolDoes one scroll left/right/up/down to view major content of your site in iPad2? What about on Chrome browser in a Netbook? Where’s the fold measures it in a jiffy.


#tweaks n’ hacksThe Sketchbook project could be a time sink – “offering to scan people’s sketchbooks they’ve motivated a community of artists from all over the world



#parting_thought“When you’re 1% there, you’re almost done. Just seven doublings away”Twitter Verse  






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