State of Data #77

#analysis – Where is Microsoft’s growth going to come from?

#architecture – ‘Why some execs think Hadoop ain’t all that…’

– Is 42 still the answer to everything? Amazon’s cloud is world’s 42nd fastest supercomputer.


#conference – NPR series on Big Data  –  Part 1 – Big Data & Data Scientists; Part 2 – Demand of Skills

–  How to tell the ‘Degree of Photoshop-ness’ a picture had? Could someday a legislation be passed to post this metric for all the ‘touched up’ photos? Data  science can help to figure out the ‘degree of Photo re-touching’ (PDF paper) 

Thanks to the magic of digital retouching, impossibly thin, tall, and wrinkle-free models routinely grace advertisements and magazine covers with the legitimate goal of selling a product to consumers. On the other hand, an overwhelming body of literature has established a link between idealized and unattainable images of physical beauty and serious health and body image issues for men, women, and children.

#DBMS – NoSQL 101 – A 45-minute Introduction to Beginners 


#idea – Machines apparently could happily be creating even more data just if pesky humans had smarts to understand it

#learning – Anscombe’s Quartet is just one reason why graphing could ‘change’ the ‘face of data’ – ‘four datasets with identical statistical properties, but appear very  different when graphed’ 

– Just in time – Gift Card Data Visualization – ‘it is worth less than you think’



·       Graphic Explanation of Bayes Theorem

·      ‘Correlation is not Causation’ lesson from Dilbert-Wally

·      Statisticians could go to jail for telling the truth; A memorable line  -“Unfortunately,in Greece statistics is a combatsport

·    How to predict when a car would run red light



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