State of Technology #38

#Happy_Holidays – After the break, newsletter will continue ~bi-weekly in 2012
#at_other_places –

#architecture – Netflix Platform Architecture
#code – Understanding Java Garbage Collection – 90 minute talk, but you can zip through the first half

#design – Invisible side of Design  – ‘we tend to get distracted by aesthetics of our designs, and often do not pay enough attention to the other, invisible side of our creations’

#essay – 
When can you expect a Quantum Computer on your desk MIT scientist responds.

‘ of the most-celebrated quantum computations to date has been to factor 15 into 3 times 5 — with high statistical confidence!’

#mobile – 
Brief rant on the Future of Interaction Design – why hands are our future

#saas – Renault opens up ‘Car as Platform’

#social – How ‘evil Crowdturfing’ is taking over social media – Detection of Hidden Paid Posters (PDF)

“They discovered that paid posters tend to post more new comments than replies to other comments. They also post more often with 50 per cent of them posting every 2.5 minutes on average.”


#tool –  2011 Ultimate Developer & Power Users Tool List (for Windows), and here’s how you can run IE6 on Windows 7 (say, to triage a customer issue) –

‘ version of Windows Virtual PC lets you run Windows XP applications next to your Windows 7 apps for the ultimate in backward-compatibility. I like Virtual XP for when I want to run XP apps like IE6 seamlessly along site my Windows 7 apps.’


#tweaks n’ hacks – Spot a fake Rolex – by NFC (Near Field Communication)



#parting_thought – Know that the Internet has no eraser” — Liz Strauss








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