State of Data This Year – 2011

 Last issue of the year is a revisit of 48 newsletters published in 2011. Happy Holidays! #2011_Books_on_data_and_else


  1. Checklist Manifesto – What works in ER should work in your project. Goes along the aphorism – ‘What can be measured, can be managed’. Very handy for complex projects like moving to new data center + tech stack refresh.
  2. *** Thinking, Fast and Slow – We float in data but decide by gut. How same data, but different representation could change the decision. e.g.,A vaccine would save 90% impacted vs. it would kill 10 – may produce different emotional outcome even though both inputs are logically analogous. Book of the year, perhaps of the decade by Nobel winning behavioral psychologist.
  3. Information – ‘The universe has so far done 10^120 “ops” to create roughly 10 ^90 bits of data’ is just one of many things one will learn.
  4. Think Stats – One of the best refreshers for wannabe Data Scientists.
  5. Race Against the Machines – Why ‘Big Data’ problems could all just go away on its own, and ‘optimization’ may become a lost art. Machines are taking over. Scary, thoughtful and with wonderful chessboard analogies. Best $2.99 to spend this holiday season!


  1. Moneyball – ‘Analytical, sabermetric approach to Baseball’, and entertaining.
  2. Joy of Stats – From the most entertaining statistician ever, perhaps.
  3. Sort Algorithms explained by Hungarian Folk Dancers
  4. Brilliant Machine Learning Demos
  5. How Negative reviews could improve sales


  1. FREE Classes from Stanford – Data & Others (go to bottom to see full list)
  2. VideoLectures – ‘selection in machine learning is particularly noteworthy. Look for the title “For those about to Machine Learn” halfway down the page. It takes you the “Machine Learning Summer School” a collection of tutorials by the leading authorities in the game’
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare – ‘In particular, look at this
  4. ‘Finally, MIT announced a new initiative that will begin Spring 2012 that provides students with self-paced instruction, laboratories, and an opportunity to earn a certificate of mastery.’
  5. Data Trivia Hunting – Quiz #1#2#3 from ‘Significance’

#2011_data_misc (compilation from past issues of 2011)


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