State of Data #80

#analysis1) How they predict bugs at Google

‘Bug prediction uses machine-learning and statistical analysis to try to guess whether a piece of code is potentially buggy or not, usually within some confidence range. Source-based metrics that could be used for prediction are how many lines of code, how many dependencies are required and whether those dependencies are cyclic’ 


2) You can get your emails analyzed at Tout to view a Dashboard like this

#architectureHadoop for Archiving Email – Part 1; Part 2

#big_dataIs Big Data ready for prime time?

‘Soon, a drug saleswoman will have real-time analytics that tell her to focus on the doctors who spent time on social networks that morning, and who are thus more apt to influence colleagues’

HITS Algorithm to Measure Human Pecking Order

‘focus on the way that interlocutors copy each other’s use of certain types of words in sentences. In particular, they look at functional words that provide a grammatical framework for sentences but lack much meaning in themselves (the bold words in this sentence, for example)’


#DBMSFacebook shares some more tips on scaling MySQL

 #idea On how to find out more than 10 trillion digits of Pi, and how to write when you do

#learning‘Stupid Data Miner Tricks: Overfitting the S&P500’ (PDF)

‘The dark side of data mining is to pick and choose from a large set of data to try to explain a small one. Evil data miners often specialized in “explaining” financial data, especially theUSstock market. Here’s a nice example: we often hear that the results of the Superbowl in January will predict whether the stock market will go up or down for that year. If the NFL wins, the market goes up, otherwise, it takes a dive.’

#visualizationCrowd-sourced shared vision of Future of Technology visualized – all the way to Year 3036 when we expect a ‘Telepathic Society’. And, BTW, most people think ‘cash will be outlawed’ in 2062.



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