State of Data #83

#analysis – Adventures of DataThief (useful app that allows scan graphs and extracts data points) –
“Most of the past week has been spent convincing myself that it doesn’t really matter how I analyse my data because the results come out the same regardless. This is reassuring for me, but it doesn’t mean that somebody else, looking at my data with fresh eyes and a different perspective, would not come to an entirely different set of conclusions.”


Great Google Insights


#architecture – The Present and Future of Mobile BI

#big_data – To run tests or analysis or real-like names, you can order fake names with country, gender, name set and exclusion rule sets specified.

#Data_Science – Waffles – A Massive Collection of Command-line tools for Machine Learning & Data Mining 

 – A Quick yet Comprehensive Review of Hadoop Ecosystem


#idea – The danger of quick analysis – Did Antidepressant prescription rates surge 60% in Britain? Quick Reaction would be significant increase in depression rate. What if we probe and see pretty much every other drug prescription surged similarly?

#learning – Making Data Meaningful – Beautiful series of Data Guidelines from United Nations (pdf) –

  1. Guide to writing stories about Numbers
  2. Guide to Presenting Statistics
  3. Guide to Communicating with Media

#visualization – Social Networks, compared with Countries, Events and Religions




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