State of Data #84

#analysisHow to cheat with Time Series


#architectureShould you use SQL or Hadoop? A flowchart is there to help.



#big_dataWhy Big Data won’t Make You Smart, Rich, or Pretty’ –

“Essential issues with Big data –

  1. Overconfidence
  2. Ever-changing assumptions
  3. Complexity
  4. Feedback Loops
  5. Lack of Theory
  6. Confirmation Bias
  7. Motives
  8. Acting on the Model” 

Hadoop Summit, June 13-14, San Jose call for papers due Feb 22


#Data_Science – How to use analytics to build better claims handling

#DBMSDoes noSQL mean noDBA? (Hat tip: Denise McInerney)

#idea Why (naïve) Probability is more or less bunk (pdf) – Nassim N. Taleb, best-selling author of ‘Fooled by Randomness’, writes in a new paper  —

‘The owner of the ski resort, deploring lack of snow, deposited at a shrine the Virgin Mary a $100 wishing for snow. Snow came, with such abundance, and avalanches, with people stuck in the cars, and the resort was forced to close, prompting the owner to quip “I should have only given $25”. What the owner did is discover the notion of nonlinear exposure and extreme events.’

#learningData in Davos – World Economic Forum, 2012 brings out its POV (pdf) on how Big Data could help


#visualizationWinner of 2011 ‘Phillip Meyer Award’ is won by ‘Murder Mysteries’ series for ‘Data Journalism’  – 37% homicides go unsolved!




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