State of Technology #44


  • Useful innovation at Hotmail – Identifying and Separating email Newsletters (aka Graymail – like this one). 1.5B newsletters are sent a day!!
  • YouTube hits 4B views a day; 60 hours of uploaded video per minute

#architectureGoogle’s Latest Issue of ‘Think Quarterly’ is about Speed –

‘In a world of increasingly compressed feedback loops – where news of Beyoncé’s pregnancy can generate 8,868 tweets in a single second – word travels fast, with or without the early adopter’s vocal approval.’

#codeGreat Introduction to Java Garbage Collection @JavaCodeGeeks

Steve Souders on ‘High Performance HTML5’ (the presentation is a learning in ‘how to communicate’ itself)

Saving 2 seconds in landing page could increase conversion by as much as 15%!

The best less than 2000 word summary of 600-page Steve Jobs biography, so far


#mobileiPad Survey January, 2012 (pdf) – “InSouth America, 27% of IT Professionals have completely replaced their laptop with iPad. InEurope, 23%.”

A continuous journey of Customer Support Optimization ‘with 123 themes and 123 theme docs, and other support resources including a knowledgebase, FAQs, a support forum, tutorials and a video library catering for over 130,000 users’

Key data-driven insights in Login/Password realm –


#tool25 Very Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers and Presenters (Special Rec.: Awesome Screenshot)

#tweaks n’ hacks
Why button-less elevators may save up to 30% time –

“The idea is that rather than having people crowd into an elevator and then request their floors, the destination elevators do the math before hand, and group people going to the same floors. This leads to fewer stops and time savings.”


“As we all know from our Blackberries, work invades leisure; but as we also all know from our iPhone, leisure invades work” – Paul Mason


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