State of Data #85

#analysis Figuring out Popularity vs. Critical acclaim – ‘Golden Age’ of television with episode data


#architectureSQL Fiddle would help you prototype a model, or idea to query across multiple data sources

#big_dataRevealing Serial Killers’ Pattern of Murders

#conferenceBig Data Essentials’ – Online Forum, led by Tom Kyte of Oracle on February 16

 #Data_ScienceWould you try out Data-driven Medical Diagnosis?


For transactional apps, only a part of the result needs to be displayed. Very useful tips on how to do (a) Top-N Queries, and (b) Paginate between large resultset


#idea Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ was said to be inspired by Gerd Gigerenzer’s seminal work on power of intuition. A while ago, Gerd wrote a great paper ‘Mindless Statistics’ (pdf) that is highly impressive. The core of this paper is equally applicable to enterprises – “Statistical rituals largely eliminate statistical thinking in the social sciences.


#learning – D3 is truly an amazing tool to visualize data-on-the-web. Scott Murray has an excellent self-contained tutorial on it.


#visualizationPlotting a Giraffe Line Chart with Data





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